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Brian Penry

Benchmark Associate & Senior Consultant

Brand Builder, Designer, Writer & Creative Consultant

Brian Penry has being influencing brands for over three decades. His crisp, clean style and love of color, typography and the written word are evident in all that he does. As a fledgling illustrator/designer in the 1970s, Brian’s creativity soon evidenced itself in branding, writing, music production and more. Currently, his influence can be seen in the marketing, advertising & branding of leading brand innovators - and increasingly, online in their websites. 

Brian’s expertise and style are imprinted across a diverse range of industries and media. Equally at ease consulting to the C suite as he is to small businesses, his passion is “capturing, strategizing and communicating the client’s brand essence.”

To date, Penry’s career highlights include his significant contributions to transforming three brands into multi-billion dollar enterprises. These include his work with Infinity Broadcasting from its inception through and beyond its sale to CBS, and with Sega and Broderbund - whose flagship, consumer brands and licensing programs became household words and international best sellers as a result - Sonic video games (80 million+ unit sales), and the iconic, educational software series, Carmen Sandiego.

Brian's depth of expertise encompasses a range of industries from consulting, finance, hi-tech and sustainability to licensing, healthcare, publishing, foods & beverages and consumer marketing - as well his work with non profits and in the arts & entertainment.

Other brand leaders with which Penry has worked include Viacom, Sony, Perrier, Carnegie Hall, Patek Philippe, Simon & Schuster, Coca-Cola, Campbell's Soup, Disney/Touchstone, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Kravis Children’s Hospital, Prevail Fund Africa, The Bolshoi, Royal Ballet of London, Sapere Wealth Management, HarperCollins and Bonnier Group – among many more.

A founding member of The Creating WE Institute, Brian Penry co-authored the 2009 Amazon Best Seller, 42 Rules for Creating WE


The Creating WE Institute is our related thought leadership organization with an award winning team of members.

“The key in business is the leader's ability to enable everyone to feel like they are part of a winning team – we know this mantra in our hearts, yet making it happen is much more difficult. Creating WE gives leaders a roadmap for shaping the DNA of their company – creating a culture of inspired leadership & ownership of the future.”

Judith E. Glaser
CEO & Founder

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