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  • Assessing Trust – Questions to ask in interviews

    Few managers and leaders understand how vital quality conversations and interviews are to the health and productivity of a company’s culture.

  • Blind Spots - Shedding Light on Old Habits

    Three decades ago I began my first experiment in Conversational Intelligence®. I was hired by Union Carbide to work with 17 high-powered sales executives in danger of losing a bid for a key contract. My job was to figure out how they could raise their game and beat the other seven competitors.

  • Chemistry Lessons

    We are all familiar with the ‘chemistry’ factor in relationships and the chemical attraction metaphor; however, we are now learning that our insights about the chemical nature of relationships and conversations are more than a metaphor—they are a reality!  

  • Riding the Next Wave of Human Evolution

    Sloughing off millennial myths reveals the millennial "possibility" mindset.

  • What Every New Leader Needs to Know

    Awakening your team to a new form of energy.

  • Why you need Conversational Intelligence

    We all go through our own version of an identity crisis at least once in our life. We ask ourselves, “Should I be a doctor, teacher, entrepreneur or CEO of some global company?” We all want to know where we fit into the world, and where we can make our best contribution.