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John-Meredith-CWI-UKAs founder of The Learning Center (TLC), I am thrilled to have been invited by Judith E. Glaser to set up The Creating WE Institute for the United Kingdom. I see Judith’s ground-breaking research and subsequent Conversational Intelligence™ (C-IQ) as being the perfect catalyst to help achieve our purpose of “Inspiring and enabling individuals, teams, and organisations, to recognise and unleash their potential, to be the very best they can be”.

This unique collaboration will focus on creating and conducting conversation-led, culture change programmes that promote exploration, self-discovery, ownership and commitment to action.

The introduction of CI-Q to the UK will help leaders at all levels to engage hearts and minds to build trust, enhance relationships and develop new cultures in order to get extraordinary results.

Judith’s work resonates strongly with my belief that every individual and every organisation has the potential to achieve and sustain higher levels of greatness. Conversational Intelligence is a powerful road map for all individuals, teams and organisations that aspire to happiness and fulfilment and a must for anyone who wants or needs to significantly improve their effectiveness in the workplace and at home.

John Meredith
The Creating WE Institute UK

Conversational Intelligence Thought Leaders & Practitioners

We draw from our expertise or our cadre of consultants to co-create new approaches and applications for Conversational Intelligence globally:

Consulting & Coaching Applications

  • Sales
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Business | Organizational
  • Branding | Brand Building
  • Coaching: Executive, Peer Team, Transformational
  • Transformational Change
  • Culture Change
  • Leadership Development
  • Enterprise Growth & Development
  • Facilitation
  • Leadership and Innovation Summits
  • Project Management
  • Strategy

Publishing | Media

WE are widely represented across the entire media spectrum in books, articles, broadcasting, cable and online.

In addition to our own, individual and collective publishing, our combined media appearances to date include:

NBC, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, ABC, BBC, NY1, Discovery Channel, New York Times, Success Television, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Science, AMA World, Nature, Crain's, Martha Stewart, Executive Excellence, Harvard Management Review, Pink,

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