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Accelerate Africa Group's vision is to unlock East, Central and West Africa's SMEs potential by co-creating value and accelerate profitable expansion across the continent.

How? By working together with organizations through meaningful, relevant, intelligent and strategic business conversations that will spur and enhance teamwork to generate more shareholder value and communities where these organizations operate.

The CreatingWE Institute provides the platform to engage public, government and private business to realize the much needed pulling and marshaling of resources all focusing towards the same goal – something which is now missing and therefore leading to dysfunctionality in the work place.

Today, more than ever before, Africa needs to align its goals to achieve the big picture despite enormous glaring challenges, WE will bring that understanding required for team members to view the entire organization’s agenda differently and better – in a way that is also fulfilling at the personal level.

Conversational Intelligence® Thought Leaders & Practitioners

We draw from our expertise or our cadre of consultants to co-create new approaches and applications for Conversational Intelligence® globally:

Consulting & Coaching Applications

  • Sales
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Business | Organizational
  • Branding | Brand Building
  • Coaching: Executive, Peer Team, Transformational
  • Transformational Change
  • Culture Change
  • Leadership Development
  • Enterprise Growth & Development
  • Facilitation
  • Leadership and Innovation Summits
  • Project Management
  • Strategy

Publishing | Media

WE are widely represented across the entire media spectrum in books, articles, broadcasting, cable and online.

In addition to our own, individual and collective publishing, our combined media appearances to date include:

NBC, MSNBC, CNN, FOX, ABC, BBC, NY1, Discovery Channel, New York Times, Success Television, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Science, AMA World, Nature, Crain's, Martha Stewart, Executive Excellence, Harvard Management Review, Pink,

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