On behalf of the entire Dreyer's and Edy's Foodservice organization, we want to thank you for developing and executing an "outstanding" sales development program. It was obvious to all of us that Benchmark Communications is truly a professional organization, one that will definitely play in our long-range plans. The extra time and effort by you to learn our organization and customize everything to fit our needs and opportunities certainly positions you above all other companies. We are looking forward to putting our new skill sin place, and inculcating the new "can-do" attitude within Dreyer's. Thanks again for an excellent hard hitting program.

Martin C. Wehr
Managing Director

Judith E. Glaser
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Recent Reviews

Yale University

Reading the book profoundly effected - and changed my approach to all of my interactions. Not only have I been reviewing how to handle the common misunderstandings and miscommunications in my life, but also how to advise close friends on how to improve their life situations through conversation. It has altered my thought processes and undoubtedly my neurotransmitters. Quite a few people will be on the receiving end of a copy from me. If it has the same effect on them, a chain of goodwill is to follow.

Sue Atkins, Physicians Assistant, Yale University

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