Thank you very much for your informative, stimulating and engaging workshop. I was on the edge of my seat and ready for more at 8:05 pm after a long day of teaching. Your message was full of hope and possibility and your vision of our work in these next fifty years gave me a sense of my place in evolution. I feel energized by the learning and looking forward to reading your books.

Jane Maloney
Board Member

Judith E. Glaser
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Yale University

Reading the book profoundly effected - and changed my approach to all of my interactions. Not only have I been reviewing how to handle the common misunderstandings and miscommunications in my life, but also how to advise close friends on how to improve their life situations through conversation. It has altered my thought processes and undoubtedly my neurotransmitters. Quite a few people will be on the receiving end of a copy from me. If it has the same effect on them, a chain of goodwill is to follow.

Sue Atkins, Physicians Assistant, Yale University

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