On behalf of the ASTD SCC chapter we thank you for a wonderful program last night. Clearly a lot of buzz in the room afterwards as well as an attentive audience during your presentation. I personally was extremely energized from the evening. It appeared most everyone came away with ‘something’ about the subject at hand. While it takes a bit to tabulate the evaluations, I wanted to share a few comments we gleamed from some of them, the first one say’s it all. In the end we had 44 attendees.

  • Best speaker/topic/program I've ever been to
  • Judith was fantastic - got the group to interact, practiced what she preached: co-created agenda
  • Excellent on communication - the new discipline
  • Excellent slides complementing the presentation
  • It was a privilege to hear Judith and learn
  • Tremendous value learning
  • Speaker and program absolutely fascinating

So thank you again for presenting to our chapter, it was truly a highlight event for our year. Hope our path’s continue to cross.

ASTD SCC Co-Chair Programs

Judith E. Glaser
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Yale University

Reading the book profoundly effected - and changed my approach to all of my interactions. Not only have I been reviewing how to handle the common misunderstandings and miscommunications in my life, but also how to advise close friends on how to improve their life situations through conversation. It has altered my thought processes and undoubtedly my neurotransmitters. Quite a few people will be on the receiving end of a copy from me. If it has the same effect on them, a chain of goodwill is to follow.

Sue Atkins, Physicians Assistant, Yale University

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