You are a treasure. When I count my blessings, I count you twice.

Kathee Tesija, EVP & Chief Merchandizing and Supply Chair Officer, Target

I’m sure you’ve heard this already directly from others, but I wanted to pass on my take on yesterday’s meeting, which was consistently echoed by each SVP I talked to last night.

Everyone felt, myself included, that this was the best offsite, developmental exercise, strategic conversation, etc. we’ve ever had. Obviously it’s what we do from here that counts but I think the general feeling was that we had a defining moment yesterday. And we made a great call having Jason and Tim involved. I know Jason really appreciated it and thought it was a great day.

Trish and I are connecting (hopefully tomorrow) to collect all the notes and our thoughts and set the course from here so we can provide some more direction to Enterprise Strategy, Guest Insights and MMBI teams, as well as pivot a bit on our goals for 10/7 and 10/21. I will review with you in status on Friday.

Casey Carl | President Multichannel
SVP Merdhandising at Target

Judith E. Glaser
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Yale University

Reading the book profoundly effected - and changed my approach to all of my interactions. Not only have I been reviewing how to handle the common misunderstandings and miscommunications in my life, but also how to advise close friends on how to improve their life situations through conversation. It has altered my thought processes and undoubtedly my neurotransmitters. Quite a few people will be on the receiving end of a copy from me. If it has the same effect on them, a chain of goodwill is to follow.

Sue Atkins, Physicians Assistant, Yale University

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