The Team

Geoff Grenert, MBA

Benchmark Associate & Senior Consultant

Transformational Leadership

To say that Geoff grew up with a true understanding of leadership and the power of teams is an understatement. His father was a two sport, professional athlete, a small college hall of fame basketball coach and championship-winning, high school basketball coach. He also managed a semiprofessional baseball team. Geoff continued this legacy by playing on and being appointed captain of numerous sports teams. With this as a foundation Geoff has been a leader, mentor and coach for most of his life. Teams and leadership and coaching have been a major part of all aspects of his life.

Geoff brought his personal experiences, as well as those learned from his father into his business career with United Parcel Service and RPS (now FedEx Ground). He was the founder and president of six different companies, ranging from two regional package delivery companies, financial consulting, a restaurant franchise and a not-for-profit community service organization, to a consulting firm specializing in executive coaching, leadership development and team development.

His strength lies in his having "been there and done that." His successes and failures allow him to bring a unique perspective to bear on the needs of his clientele.

Geoff helps people recognize behaviors that stand in their way to becoming the best they can be. His mission is to help clients become outstanding leaders and high performing managers, and to improve the quality of their lives as well as the lives of the people who work with them.

He has coached executives in the Transportation industry, Pharmaceutical industry, Investment bankers and Dot COM companies. His clients include managers, scientists, marketing directors, sales executives, Ph.D's and MD's.

His mission is to maximize executive and team effectiveness, which leads to higher levels of productivity, superior performance and job satisfaction for executives and employees, and achievement of organizational goals. Geoff is committed to facilitating change to enhance the success of companies across the spectrum from local to global.


The Creating WE Institute is our related thought leadership organization with an award winning team of members.

“The key in business is the leader's ability to enable everyone to feel like they are part of a winning team – we know this mantra in our hearts, yet making it happen is much more difficult. Creating WE gives leaders a roadmap for shaping the DNA of their company – creating a culture of inspired leadership & ownership of the future.”

Judith E. Glaser
CEO & Founder


In addition, through the WBECS Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches program, there are now over 3000 coaches worldwide Certified in Conversational Intelligence for Coaches, enhancing the CreatingWE Institute global capability.

Peg Esgate Aldridge, MA*
Innovation Coach
and Consultant
Charlotte, North Carolina

Si Alhir (Sinan Si Alhir)
Coach and Consultant
Chicago, Illinois

Bud Bilanich, EdD
The Common Sense Guy™
Executive Coach | Consultant
Best Selling Author | Speaker
Denver, Colorado

Barbara Biziou
Founder, Blue Lotus Productions
Coaching | Communication
Author | Speaker
New York, New York

Kathleen Bollerud, Ed.D.
Founder, Bollerud-Holland Associates
Executive Coaching | Leadership Development
Harrisville, New Hampshire

Dale Kramer Cohen
Marketing Strategist
Growth Catalyst
DKC Resources
New York, New York

Deborah Dumaine*
Author | Founder
Write To The Top
Waltham, Massachusetts

Bob Fuller*
Raleigh, North Carolina

Liz Franklin Glaser
Fuji Medical
Stamford, Connecticut

Jan Goldstoff*
Jan Goldstoff Public Relations
New York, New York

Geoff Grenert, MBA
Managing Partner | Leadership
& Team Development | Coach
Leadership Solutions, LLC
Greensboro, North Carolina

Rex E. Jung, PhD*
Author | Neurologist
Research Scientist | Professor
Albuquerque, New Mexico

A.H. Khamis
Lead Consultant Accelerate Africa Group
Nairobi, Kenya

Jerry Manas*
Author | Principal
Marengo Group
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Brian Penry*
Author | Principal
Penry Creative Inc.
Guilford, Connecticut

Whitaker H. Raymond
Process Architect | Executive
Coach | Principal & Founder
Lodestar Leadership
Jersey City, New Jersey

Donna Riechmann, PhD
Consultant | Coach |
Team Facilitator | Partner
Leadership Solutions LLC
Greensboro, North Carolina

Nancy Ring*
Author | Principal
The Communication Partnership, Ltd
Charlotte | Chicago | Phoenix

Tom Rosenwald
Chief Marketing Officer
Creating WE Institute
New York, New York

Mary Ann Somerville, MSS
Consultant | Executive Coach
Santa Barbara, California

Cindy Tortorici
Founder & CEO
The Link For Women
Portland, Oregon

* Founding members of the CreatingWE Institute

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