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Under the leadership of our co-founder, Richard D. Glaser, PhD, The CreatingWE® Institute works with organizations seeking to enhance their brand stature and leadership strengths in the face of ever-increasing competitive challenges.

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Meet and learn more about our ever expanding team Coaches and Consultants - each with many years of experience working closely with senior management teams and large organizations.

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“The key in business is the leader's ability to enable everyone to feel like they are part of a winning team – we know this mantra in our hearts, yet making it happen is much more difficult. The CreatingWE® Institute gives leaders a roadmap for shaping the DNA of their company – creating a culture of inspired leadership & ownership of the future.”
— Judith E. Glaser

Tanja Murphy Ilibasic 2

Tanja Murphy-Ilibasic

Consultant and Coach

Business Communications & Corporate Coach

Tanja is passionate about people. She supports individuals and organisations in understanding their aspirations and motivational drivers and how these can be translated into successful personal and professional growth whilst remaining true to intrinsic values and beliefs.

Her professional training is as a language and corporate coach, intercultural competencies expert, facilitator and translator/interpreter for the pharmaceutical and global energy industries. She has coaching certifications from the Institute of Leadership & Management and in Conversational Intelligence®.

With over 25 years of supporting major multi-nationals, Tanja brings a wealth of experience in topics such as change/project management, conflict resolution, enhancing intercultural and communication competencies, team building, leading in matrix organisations, as well as leadership development.

Tanja has keen observational skills and is particularly receptive to her environment and sensitive to unspoken signals. She is a dynamic conference speaker, train-the-trainer and World Café host with exceptional interpersonal and motivational skills. She engages with others heart and soul, bringing energy and focus into her roles to sustain the momentum and drive for results. Establishing trusting relationships within organisations is a cornerstone of her work, and this, coupled with a high level of commitment, clarity and result-driven approach have made her a highly valued and respected partner for many.

Based in Germany, Tanja initiated and leads the C-IQ European Certified Coaching Collective and supports two specialised trainers’ associations at board level. She holds two licenses as a climbing and hiking instructor from the German mountaineering club, Deutsche Alpenverein.